A Little Thought… On the People I’ve Seen

The only thing that I have to say right now is wow. The Asian women who were in Korea, Bangkok and Chiang Mai are so pretty, especially the flight attendants. Their clothes looked like business women clothes and all of them had on makeup–I really like the way the eyeliner looks on their faces, it’s so pretty!

You know, it’s so weird because I feel like every Asian woman I walk past smells exactly like my mom; the women here wear a rich and sweet perfume and it makes me want to sniff their neck every time I smell them walk by me. 🙂

I’ve noticed that the Asian people don’t eat the same things that the people in the U.S.A. eat, maybe this is why they are shorter? Well, it’s good because this means that now I have more things that I can see and look through. For example, my aunt and I are staying in a guest house and I can look through the peephole perfectly fine here, but in America I had to stand on a stack of chairs to see who was knocking on the door!

Songthaew in Chiang Mai, Thailand
On a Songthaew ride (a shared taxi) in Chiang Mai.

I also love how the people in Chiang Mai drive on the right side of their cars because it’s just so different from how the people in the U.S.A. drive. And, there are so many people driving motorbikes that you can’t even count them all driving by! (Oh, and I almost got hit by one because it came around the corner really fast and from the other direction and so I didn’t see it.)

Overall, I think Thailand is going pretty well for me. I’m still getting used to things and so I think there are still many more adventures to come…

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    • She is really good at finding good places to eat at. The only problem is she is a vegetarian and I’m not and I don’t really like spicy foods and most of the things here are spicy!!! 🙂

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