A Little Observation… The Many Animals of Thailand

I can’t say that everybody has the same attachment to animals like the people in the United States. A lot of people have cats and dogs but they don’t seem to have the same compassion and affection towards them as we do back home.

There are so many animals that don’t have homes here, and it makes me really sad because they are so skinny and they look like they haven’t eaten in a couple of days. Maybe I just feel like that though because I’m so use to seeing people pet their cats and dogs and taking them out for walks in the neighborhood or at the beach. What is the point of having a cat or dog if you don’t show it affection? Sometimes I do see Thais holding their tiny dogs, but they don’t pet them, they are just showing them off for all of us to look at.

Yesterday, when I went to the market I saw this dog chewing its own collar and was trying to get the collar off, and the dog was wearing clothes! The dog clothes here even have holes for the tails (but this dog didn’t have his tail through the hole)…you know, I don’t know why they put clothes on their dogs, it’s already hot enough here!

dog in motorbike
A tiny dog sitting in a basket connected to a motor bike.
As I was walking to the market I saw 4 birds that were sitting on a container that was full of food on a bike. But doesn’t this one look like he is smiling?
The four birds on bikes. They had necklaces pierced into their skins. Although that seems wrong to me, it is so cute.
Dogs at 7-11
Stray dogs in front if 7-11. Don’t they look like they are just sitting there, hanging out?
holding a baby chick
Holding a baby chick that had just hatched right under one of the statues at the temple 🙂

And then before, at a different food market there was this dog walking around with a hot dog in his mouth….which I think fell on the ground from one of the street food stalls and the dog must have taken it. It’s funny, because I thought it was the dog’s tongue hanging out of his mouth, but it was just a hot dog.

Oh, and the dogs here are sometimes soooo annoying. When I was staying at a guesthouse here they barked so loud that I woke up it seemed like every five minutes to the sound of them barking. It doesn’t happen anymore because we moved to a new apartment. Though I’m glad the barking stopped, it actually didn’t affect me very much because I could sleep through it, but my Aunt is happy because she woke up all night!

rooster on steps
A random rooster that popped out of no where and starting walking around on the stairs.
petting tiny cat
Me petting the tiniest full-grown cat I’ve ever seen.

One other thing that I have noticed about Thailand is that there are chickens and roosters walking around everywhere. What’s weird about is that you’ll be walking near a bush and all of a sudden this big blur pops out of it and it looks like it’s about to attack you. Then you see what it is and you’re like “Oh yeah, that’s the same chicken that tried to attack me yesterday.”

Even though the cats and dogs mostly don’t look healthy and don’t have homes, I am still happy that there are animals here because I love animals and I like to pet the stray animals that we see if they look friendly…and even if they don’t look friendly because I just have this attachment to pets and I like having them around me.

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  1. hi annie, sorry we kept getting disconnected. i love the picture of u and the baby chick. sooooo cute. U look very happy in the pic. love u, stay well. I’ll talk to u soon .

  2. That is so funny! I went online to write you a note from the kids telling you that they wanted an update from you and here it is! Glad you are having a good time – we miss you and the kids are totally jealous of your travels! Talk to you soon, Love Joanne

  3. You are right about people around the world not feeling the same way about animals. It made me really sad when I was in Jerusalem last year seeing all the stray cats. My wife and I have 3 dogs and 2 cats (even though she is allergic to cats) and I know my wife could not travel to these places because she would want to rescue all of them!

  4. Hi Ana! I’m so happy you’re writing a blog. It’s really cool to learn what you think about traveling and what you see. Sometimes I feel bad for the animals too, but I think a lot of the food vendors and shop owners take care of them.

    I really like your photos of the birds, and the dog in the motorbike baskets. I love seeing the dogs ride the motorbikes! 🙂

    It was nice to meet you, and I hope I can see you again somewhere!

  5. I love my lil niece! She’s soooooooo darn cute! Keep up the great work with your blogging and have a fun time there in Thailand!

    Love Always!
    Uncle Aaron C.

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