A Little Adventure… My First Plane Ride

I can’t even begin to explain the plane ride because it was amazing…but very, very long. Those 22 hours were the longest hours of my life. All I could think on our 14 hour flight was “How much longer? When am I going to ever get off of this flight?”

The only things that I really liked about the plane ride is that I had some amazing ice-cream, I got to watch movies that came out but I haven’t seen yet, and that it was the first time riding a plane for me.

Me at the airport, excited to go on my first airplane/flight.
Me at the airport, excited to go on my first airplane/flight.

The plane ride felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before. My stomach kept dropping and when the plane took off, everything tilted sideways and it was just total awkwardness. When the plane got up really high there were these gorgeous, white, fluffy clouds. When the plane was right above them I felt like the clouds were holding the plane up in the air. It was so beautiful words can’t explain but pictures can!!!

Clouds from the airplane window.
Clouds from the airplane window, like smooth feathers coming out of a pillow.

If I had to ride in a plane again, I would (and Nene, my Aunt Shannon, says that I do)…I just hope it’s not 14 hours again. Oh, and I hope next time I get to ride in first class. We had to sit and watch the people in first class — it was like they were bragging about how comfortable they were!  Their seats were amazing, they were big and looked really comfortable. Our seats were small and didn’t recline very much so I don’t think our seats were as comfortable. I am glad I got to ride on a plane, but first class would be a lot of fun!

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  1. LOVE the site Angela!! It looks terrific!! We are so excited for you, and Cai and Jinnai are getting a kick out of both your site and getting to see themselves on it (the jumping picture is very cool – tell Shannon well done). We love you and will be following along!! Tell Shannon to set us up to get your feed, she knows what I am talking about even if I don’t!! Enjoy – xoxo Love, Joanne

  2. You’re a lucky girl. I’ve been a fan of your Aunt’s blog for a while, she is a kind, sweet & smart person- listen to her and you’ll learn a lot! I’ll bet she learns a lot from you too. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

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