A Little Thought… Leaving the U.S.

Thailand is so far away from home. There are so many feelings in me right now I could laugh, scream, cry, or smile at any moment for no reason. I think that when I arrive in Chaing Mai that I’m going to be amazed by all of the things that are different from here in the U.S. than from there.

While entering the plane I’m going to burst out in tears and going to cry most of the plane ride. I’m definitely going to miss all of my family and friends. I think the 3 people I’m going to miss the most is my cousin Eric because he is just so funny that he could literally be the next Jim Carrey.

The second person I think I’m going to miss the most is my best friend Kappy. I’m going to miss her because we had so many great memories together and she was like family. Not only to me but to my actual family too. The third person I’m going to miss the most is my little brother Victor. I’m going to miss him a lot because he is the weirdest thing/little kid I’ve ever met.

Wait, scratch everything I just said. I’m actually going to miss everyone that I left the same amount when I first leave. But, at some times I’m going miss some people more than others.

I can’t lie I think that Thailand will be really fun. At the same time I’m so scared and feel terrible that I had to leave everything and everyone I love just to go to some other place in the world. I’m 2 days away from leaving and I have no idea how I’m going to take this when it actually happens.

While I’m sitting in my dads room writing this I’m thinking of how this is going to work out. Thinking of how scared I’m going to be. Thinking of the adventure that awaits me.

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