A Little Lesson… Learning New Things on the Akha Ama Coffee Journey

Before going on the Akha Ama coffee journey, I thought it would be fun and that I was going to experience something very different. I already knew that coffee was grown on a plant and that you had to pick it off. But there was still so much I didn’t understand about the process of coffee … Read more

A Little Update… What’s going on in the Life of Ana right now?

I’ve been home for more than six months now and I don’t feel how I expected to feel. When I first went to Asia, all I could think about was going home and how great it was going to feel being with everybody and doing everything I used to do. And even a few days … Read more

A Little Thought… Showing Respect in Asian Culture

Everywhere I’ve been in Southeast Asia (SExA), people have so much respect for each other, especially if you’re a kid and you have an adult in the family, you have to show a lot of respect. And even if you accidentally come across an adult and you don’t even know them ( they’re just some … Read more

A Little Boat Ride…. Offshore on Inle Lake

In Burma I went to visit a place called Inle Lake, and there I went on an exciting boat ride. When I first stepped foot on the narrow, wooden long-boat, it was really early and so cold that I was wearing three shirts! The boat had big comfortable seats, blankets, and umbrellas on the sides in … Read more

A Little Cuteness… Cuddling Baby Tigers

Tiger Kingdom is a breeding program for tigers that I visited recently near Chiang Mai, Thailand. Before going there, I knew there were going to be big tigers, medium tigers and baby tigers, so I was so scared but also very excited. My friends Dani and Jess, my aunt and I all went together and … Read more

A Little Burmese Game… Why Don’t We Play Chinlone Too?!

You know what I think should be played everywhere in the world, a game I first saw on the streets and sidewalks of Yangon called chinlone/cane ball! Everywhere in Burma we saw groups of boys and men playing this game and it looked like fun every time. Cane ball is where there are about five … Read more

A Little Siteseeing…Burma’s Three Holiest Buddhist Sites: Mahamuni Buddha

I wanted to understand more about the three holiest site in Burma, so I went and visited Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon (the former capital), the Golden Rock on Mount Kyaiktiyo, and Mahamuni in Mandalay. If you’re a Buddhist in Burma, then visiting these three sites is very important and a pilgrimage, and it’s good luck … Read more

A Little Sightseeing…Burma’s Three Holiest Buddhist Sites: Kyaiktiyo Rock

There are three very holy Buddhist sites in Burma and visiting the three sites is like a pilgrimage for many Burmese people. I visited Swedagon Pagoda in Yangon (the former capital), Mahamuni in Mandalay, and Mount Kyaiktiyo to see the giant Golden Rock. I wanted to understand more about why these three sites were so holy … Read more

A Little Sightseeing…Burma’s Three Holiest Buddhist Sites: Shwedagon Pagoda

Burma is mostly a Buddhist country, I learned that 95 percent of the people in Burma are Buddhist and it’s quite clear actually, because there are temples and Buddha statues everywhere we visited. The Burmese people have three very holy Buddhist sites in Yangon (the former capital), the Golden Rock on Mount Kyaiktiyo, and Mahamuni … Read more