A Little Excitement…A Loy Krathong Lantern Release

There are so many exciting things in Thailand, but one of the most exciting things to me are the festivals and parades. I went to a festival recently called Yee Peng and Loy Krathong that was near Chiang Mai. About 10,00 people were at the festival and it was so crowded, but beautiful and I would definitely do it again.

For about two hours people just talked on the speakers and gave us instructions about how to light the lanterns and when we could release them. They were speaking in Thai and in English, so half of the time I just really couldn’t understand them, but it was still okay because I could hear everything I needed to hear. They also played loud music that sounded happy, but again, I wouldn’t know because I don’t speak Thai.

Monks chanting in front of Buddha.

Monks chant in front of Buddha for an hour of meditation during the Loy Krathong lantern festival in Thailand.

Then, we mediated for an hour, which was really annoying…but calming at the same time because their voices were so deep and slow…I liked the meditation and chanting by the end, but was glad it was over because that meant we were almost ready to release the lanterns! A bunch of monks and people with candles walked around for about 30 minutes, I thought it was cool to watch them walk around, but I think it would have been cooler if they used scented candles, because really they were just plain.

The bunches of monks that were walking around with a candle stick in their hands.

The bunches of monks that were walking around with a candle stick in their hands.

When they gave us the signal to light the lanterns I was really happy because we got to start preparing to send up the lanterns. I was so nervous to light the lanterns I was shaking, I don’t really know why I was nervous…

Loy Krathong lanterns, Mae Jo, Thailand

This is how big lanterns actually are and what you have to do to make them float up into the air.

Finally our lanterns were lit and the people on the loud-speaker gave us the “signal” to all let our lanterns up at the same time. Since the lanterns are so high up in the air you may think that they are really small, but they are actually like three feet tall and really fat.

A constellation of lanterns.

A constellation of lanterns light up the sky and each lantern was filled with the wishes and hopes of the people who released them into the sky!

The awesomeness and beauty is too great!

The awesomeness and beauty is too great!

fireworks and lanterns Loy Krathong

I love how there were lanterns right on front of the fireworks. It makes the sight look 10x better.

It was so pretty and full of heart that I almost cried. One day I hope to see something as amazing and pretty as that again.

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