A Little Craziness… My Thoughts About Going To Burma

burma flag

This is the flag of Burma, but I've learned that it has changed so many times in the past 100 years!

Over the past two weeks I have had butt-loads of school-work to get done before my aunt and I leave for Burma, and all it took some hard work on my part to get it all done. During this whole week, I would wake up and get school work done, after lunch, I did more school, and after dinner? Even more!

Man was my brain fried almost everyday! But, I knew that was what it would take for me be ready to go to Burma. Burma really has no internet, so I won’t be doing school for three weeks and this will be like my winter vacation that kids back home took over Christmas. I’m excited to go, but you know, I actually really like talking to my teachers and doing some of my favorite subjects (like math!).

Things I’ve learned so far, before we leave, is that in Burma, you have to wear really proper clothes, like strictly proper and respectful. Long bottoms that go to your knees or past them, and shirts that cover almost all of your chest and all your shoulders. My aunt bought me a couple plain, colorful t-shirts with no designs because she said I could get a traditional and colorful longyi like the locals wear, and I can wear one while we are there to show some respect and see what the locals feel like. I’m really excited to get to see all the different designs on the longyi’s the girls are wearing in Burma because I think they are beautiful. They are so long with a lot of different patterns and designs–I usually see the designs at the bottom of them though, not always near the waist.

I’ve been told I am going to get sick in Burma, but my aunt has friends in Yangon, so they will be able to help us get around and have a nice and safe trip. So, even though I may get sick if we accidentally eat bad food, I’m still really excited to go, I really want to see all the temples that are old and how the people are feeling now that their government (a military junta) is softening up right now and letting them maybe do new things like have Facebooks and communicate more easily outside of the country.

In just a couple of hours I get to go on a flight with one of my new friends, she is eight and we are on the same flight. The plane ride from Chiang Mai to Yangon will take about 40 minutes long and we get to sit next to each other, so I am really looking forward to that. I love the feeling that you get when you take off, you get really dizzy and you have to chew gum so your ears don’t pop. Every time I get on a plane butterflies always form in my belly and I smile because it just gives me a feeling that nothing else gives me.

I hope to take a lot of photos of the neat things we are about to see, I love watching all the monks in their robes walk around, and we will get to see temples that are starting to crumble. My aunt says there’s a slow pace of life there, but I don’t care, I just really want to go to visit there for some reason, even though I like places that have a lot of busy, cool things going on.

One thing that really bothers me is that when you go to Burma, all your money has to be American dollars and the dollars can’t have any wrinkles, dirt, marks or creases, they have to be absolutely perfect. We ran around all week stressing out trying to find good, clean money, so I hope it works when we get there because it will be all we have!

I’m going to be in Burma for three weeks, and I learned a little bit about the amazing sights and cool places we can visit, starting today!

Anyways, I have to get on the plane in about 2 hours because our plane leaves at 5:00. I’m so excited and will have so many pictures and stories to share!!!  :)

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I've got heart and soul, and stories waiting to be told. In 2011, I first left the US and was homeschooled from Southeast Asia by my aunt for 6+ months. Now, I travel with her in the summers and share my stories here. I've visited 7+ countries and counting! "Wherever you go, go with all your heart" — Confuscious

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