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Songthaew in Chiang Mai

A Little Thought…The People I’ve Seen

The only thing that I have to say right now is wow. The Asian women who were in Korea, Bangkok and Chiang Mai are so pretty, especially the flight attendants. Their clothes looked like business women clothes and all of them had on makeup–I really like the way the eyeliner looks on their faces, it’s […]

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clouds from airplane window

A Little Adventure…My First Plane Ride

I can’t even begin to explain the plane ride because it was amazing…but very, very long. Those 22 hours were the longest hours of my life. All I could think on our 14 hour flight was “How much longer? When am I going to ever get off of this flight?” The only things that I […]

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A Little Thought…Leaving the U.S.

Thailand is so far away from home. There are so many feelings in me right now I could laugh, scream, cry, or smile at any moment for no reason. I think that when I arrive in Chaing Mai that I’m going to be amazed by all of the things that are different from here in […]

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