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baby tiger kingdom

A Little Cuteness… Cuddling Baby Tigers

Tiger Kingdom is a breeding program for tigers that I visited recently near Chiang Mai, Thailand. Before going there, I knew there were going to be big tigers, medium tigers and baby tigers, so I was so scared but also very excited. My friends Dani and Jess, my aunt and I all went together and […]

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petting asian elephant

A Little Animal…A Tale of Three Elephants (a Baby, a Bull and a Mom)

There are so many wonderful things we did while we traveled in Laos, and my favorite thing was seeing a two month old elephant with his mom, and I got to ride an elephant! Personally, I think it is wrong to keep such a big animals in captivity when they should be running around free and holding […]

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Holding a baby chick

A Little Observation…The Animals of Thailand

I can’t say that everybody has the same attachment to animals like the people in the United States. A lot of people have cats and dogs but they don’t seem to have the same compassion and affection towards them as we do back home. There are so many animals that don’t have homes here, and […]

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