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jumping in bangkok

A Little Confession…Leaving to Travel Was Hard for Me

When I found out that I was officially going to Thailand last year with my aunt, I was torn over it and I didn’t want to come AT ALL. I thought I was going to hate it and that my life was going to be over for six months. I was going to miss my […]

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A Little Craziness… My Thoughts About Going To Burma

Over the past two weeks I have had butt-loads of school-work to get done before my aunt and I leave for Burma, and all it took some hard work on my part to get it all done. During this whole week, I would wake up and get school work done, after lunch, I did more […]

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A Little Thought…Leaving the U.S.

Thailand is so far away from home. There are so many feelings in me right now I could laugh, scream, cry, or smile at any moment for no reason. I think that when I arrive in Chaing Mai that I’m going to be amazed by all of the things that are different from here in […]

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