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A Little Perspective… What Travel Means to Me

I was a mere preteen, no, not even preteen, I was 11 years old when I traveled for the very first time. It was the beginning of something very special, the beginning of something few people that age get to encounter. Now that I am back home, I understand even better that not many people […]

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sunset cartwheel indian rocks beach

A Little Update…What’s going on in the Life of Ana right now?

I’ve been home for more than six months now and I don’t feel how I expected to feel. When I first went to Asia, all I could think about was going home and how great it was going to feel being with everybody and doing everything I used to do. And even a few days […]

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khmer dancers siem reap

A Little Advice…For Other Kids Traveling and Moving Abroad

I am writing this post this week because I have received a few emails from other kids who will be traveling with their parents abroad, like I did. They wondered what it was like to move, and they told me they are afraid of the changes, so this is the advice I have given the kids and their […]

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jumping in bangkok

A Little Confession…Leaving to Travel Was Hard for Me

When I found out that I was officially going to Thailand last year with my aunt, I was torn over it and I didn’t want to come AT ALL. I thought I was going to hate it and that my life was going to be over for six months. I was going to miss my […]

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A Little Difference…Yangon is Unlike Anything I’ve Seen Before!

I haven’t been to many places yet, well, not like my aunt. But, out of all the places I’ve visited in Southeast Asia so far, Burma is nothing like any of them! I mean, the main similarities are the people walking around everywhere and you can eat really yummy street-food, but a lot of things […]

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A Little Holiday…Christmas Fun in Chiang Mai

This recent Christmas I ran a 10K run in the Chiang Mai Christmas Marathon, made gingerbread houses and hung out with my aunts friends for bowling on Christmas Eve (and they are kind of my friends too now, I guess!). I am glad we did all these things because I’m usually waiting for presents and wondering […]

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