A Little Sightseeing…Burma’s Three Holiest Buddhist Sites: Kyaiktiyo Rock

There are three very holy Buddhist sites in Burma and visiting the three sites is like a pilgrimage for many Burmese people. I visited Swedagon Pagoda in Yangon (the former capital), Mahamuni in Mandalay, and Mount Kyaiktiyo to see the giant Golden Rock. I wanted to understand more about why these three sites were so holy … Read more

A Little Sightseeing…Burma’s Three Holiest Buddhist Sites: Shwedagon Pagoda

Burma is mostly a Buddhist country, I learned that 95 percent of the people in Burma are Buddhist and it’s quite clear actually, because there are temples and Buddha statues everywhere we visited. The Burmese people have three very holy Buddhist sites in Yangon (the former capital), the Golden Rock on Mount Kyaiktiyo, and Mahamuni … Read more

A Little Difference… Yangon is Unlike Anything I’ve Seen Before!

I haven’t been to many places yet, well, not like my aunt. But, out of all the places I’ve visited in Southeast Asia so far, Burma is nothing like any of them! I mean, the main similarities are the people walking around everywhere and you can eat really yummy street-food, but a lot of things … Read more

A Little Volunteering… My First Time Teaching English in Laos!

When I was in Luang Prabang, Laos last month,I went to an organization called Big Brother Mouse. This is a bookstore that gives out new books, written in Laotian, to kids all over Laos so that they will have something to read (sometimes the ones they give out are the first books a kid has ever … Read more

A Little Holiday… Finding Christmas Fun in Chiang Mai

This recent Christmas I ran a 10K run in the Chiang Mai Christmas Marathon, made gingerbread houses and hung out with my aunts friends for bowling on Christmas Eve (and they are kind of my friends too now, I guess!). I am glad we did all these things because I’m usually waiting for presents and wondering … Read more

A Little Animal… A Tale of Three Elephants (a Baby, a Bull and a Mom)

There are so many wonderful things we did while we traveled in Laos, and my favorite thing was seeing a two month old elephant with his mom, and I got to ride an elephant! Personally, I think it is wrong to keep such a big animals in captivity when they should be running around free and holding … Read more

A Little Travel Video… Thailand’s Culture and Geography!

There is a contest in my school right now where you have to make a video about a different country and you have to talk about its geography, religion, foods and stuff like that. So I thought “What better place to make a video about than Thailand?” I added some pictures I thought were fascinating about Thailand … Read more

A Little Excitement…A Loy Krathong Lantern Release

There are so many exciting things in Thailand, but one of the most exciting things to me are the festivals and parades. I went to a festival recently called Yee Peng and Loy Krathong that was near Chiang Mai. About 10,00 people were at the festival and it was so crowded, but beautiful and I … Read more