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I've got heart and soul, and stories waiting to be told. In 2011, I first left the US and was homeschooled from Southeast Asia by my aunt for 6+ months. Now, I travel with her in the summers and share my stories here. I've visited 7+ countries and counting! "Wherever you go, go with all your heart" — Confuscious

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A Little Perspective… What Travel Means to Me

I was a mere preteen, no, not even preteen, I was 11 years old when I traveled for the very first time. It was the beginning of something very special, the beginning of something few people that age get to encounter. Now that I am back home, I understand even better that not many people […]

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picking coffee cherries

A Little Lesson…Learning New Things on the Akha Ama Coffee Journey

Before going on the Akha Ama coffee journey, I thought it would be fun and that I was going to experience something very different. I already knew that coffee was grown on a plant and that you had to pick it off. But there was still so much I didn’t understand about the process of coffee […]

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sunset cartwheel indian rocks beach

A Little Update…What’s going on in the Life of Ana right now?

I’ve been home for more than six months now and I don’t feel how I expected to feel. When I first went to Asia, all I could think about was going home and how great it was going to feel being with everybody and doing everything I used to do. And even a few days […]

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khmer dancers siem reap

A Little Advice…For Other Kids Traveling and Moving Abroad

I am writing this post this week because I have received a few emails from other kids who will be traveling with their parents abroad, like I did. They wondered what it was like to move, and they told me they are afraid of the changes, so this is the advice I have given the kids and their […]

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Buddha Bagan-Myanmar

A Little Thought…Showing Respect in Asian Culture

Everywhere I’ve been in Southeast Asia (SEA), people have so much respect for each other, especially if you’re a kid and you have an adult in the family, you have to show a lot of respect. And even if you accidentally come across an adult and you don’t even know them ( they’re just some […]

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Feeding birds Inle Lake Burma

A Little Boat Ride….Offshore on Inle Lake

In Burma I went to visit a place called Inle Lake, and there I went on an exciting boat ride. When I first stepped foot on the narrow, wooden long-boat, it was really early and so cold that I was wearing three shirts! The boat had big comfortable seats, blankets, and umbrellas on the sides in […]

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